Can the US voting system be hacked by anti-US interests?

The FBI has warned state officials to boost their security, since state election websites in Arizona and Illinois experienced hack-related shutdowns earlier this summer. More than 30 states have provisions for online voting.

The FBI alerted Arizona officials in June that Russians were behind the assault on the election system in that state. The bureau described the threat as “credible” and significant, “an eight on a scale of one to 10.” Click here for more on this.

Illinois elections officials are confident no voter data were compromised this summer when a hacker was able to see information on about 200,000 registered voters. Click here for more on this.

For nearly a year, malicious hackers enjoyed full access to all Democratic National Committee servers, including emails, communications and documents, operating undetected for the majority of that time. Indeed, the sophistication of the attack suggests the direct involvement of foreign nation-states. Click here for more on this.

Is Donald Trump’s presidential bid just a unique Russian hack of the US voting system? Probably not.

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