DARPA’s Master Plan to Spot Facebook Terrorists?

There are plenty of lunatics on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Not to mention trolls, darpa_logohaters and other assorted unpleasantness. Most are harmless. A few are terrorists and insurgents who would love nothing better than to kill U.S. troops.

So, how do you tell the loonies and the loudmouths from the real killers?

The Pentagon’s cutting-edge research agency wants software that can sift through social media, and determine whether the person writing “Death to America” on Facebook is just venting steam — or is about to strap on an explosive vest and launch a suicide attack on American soldiers.

DARPA wants software that can potential attackers while “ensuring privacy and appropriately addressing personally identifiable information that may be found in PAI.

The rest of the article is available from the NationalInterest.org by clicking here.

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