Information Systems Security (ISS)
Interdisciplinary Focus

Shuyuan’s teaching has focused on the intersections of computing security, information content security and information security management, which is synergistically called Information Systems Security (ISS). The eight-layered Information Security Architecture (Bernard and Ho, 2009) is comprised of information security governance, operations security, personnel security, information and dataflow security, applications development security, systems security, infrastructure security and physical security. Shuyuan argues that the cyber security infrastructure, risk analysis and risk management are each a critical part of this architecture.

Shuyuan has twenty years of professional knowledge and technological experience in information systems security (or, cybersecurity). In addition to teaching in organizations while as an info-sec practitioner, Shuyuan has taught courses in Information Technology (IT), Information Systems Security (ISS) and Information Security Architecture (ISA) at Syracuse University. Shuyuan teaches multi-level courses in cyber security, risk analysis (RA) and risk management (RM), as well as behavioral information security.

Cybersecurity Curriculum/Courses Developed

My teaching philosophy can be best characterized as a blend of theory and practice, using lectures and labs in conjunction with individual mentoring, and includes periodic quizzes as a prelude to significant testing.

Florida State University

LIS6106 Information Systems Research in Organizations and Society (2019)
LIS5487 Information Systems Management (2014)
LIS5775 Organizational Cybersecurity (2013)
LIS4777 Advanced Cybersecurity (2013)
LIS4774 Intro to Cybersecurity (2012)
LIS3778 Cybersecurity for Digital Citizens (2021)
IDS2144 Information Ethics (2022)

Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Puerto Rico

MAIS 825 Doctoral Seminar on Information Security Management (2010)

Drexel University

CST312 Intrusion Detection and Access Control (2010)
CST395 Computing Security Basics (2010)
CST415 Disaster Recovery (2010)
CT420 Computing Security Advanced (2010)
CST422 Computer Incident Response (2010)

Syracuse University

IST700, Leading and Securing Cyber Organizations co-teaching with Major General Dale W. Meyerrose, (Ret.) USAF (2008)
IST700 Conceptualizing Security Architecture co-developing with Scott Bernard (2006)
IST233 Introduction to Networking co-developing with Dave Molta (2008)

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