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Why we are losing the cyber security war and what we can do about it

If this year’s attacks on Adobe, LexisNexis, NASDAQ, US Airways, and dozens of other large and technologically sophisticated   US enterprises didn’t provide sufficient evidence that we are losing the cyber security war, the ongoing breaches by Anonymous   make it undeniable. Why are the world’s most IT savvy companies unable to keep attackers out of their networks?

Several factors are tipping the scales in favor of cyber criminals. These include lack of (threat) information sharing; insufficient automation of threat and vulnerability remediation; the absence of correlation between compliance, security and risk posture; the need to perform continuous security monitoring; and the ability to process huge volumes of data in order to detect and   mitigate cyber-attacks in a timely manner.

Fortunately, a new breed of security technology called Integrated Risk Management (IRM) platforms has emerged which can make threats and vulnerabilities visible and actionable, while enabling organizations to prioritize and address high risk security exposures before breaches occur.

Let’s take a look at how IRM systems can level the playing field in the cyber security war…

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U.S. looking into cybersecurity incidents targeting Obamacare website

During a House committee hearing on Wednesday, Roberta Stempfley — acting assistant secretary of the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Cybersecurity and Communications — said her agency was aware of “about 16” reports of cybersecurity threats related to the website.

Testifying before the House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee, Stempfley also said officials were aware of an unsuccessful attempt by hackers to organize a “denial of service” attack to overwhelm and take down the website.

Stempfley’s testimony marked the first time that the Obama administration publicly discussed cybersecurity threats to the website at the heart of the law known as Obamacare.

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Tax refund ID theft is a growing ‘epidemic’

More Americans’ identities were stolen in tax refund crimes in the first six months of 2013 than in all of 2012, said a U.S. Internal Revenue Service watchdog on Thursday who described the problem as “a growing epidemic.”

Tax refund fraud has exploded in recent years. Scammers typically use stolen names and Social Security numbers to file phony electronic tax forms for IRS refunds.
About 1.6 million Americans were victims of ID theft/tax refund crimes this year through June, up from 1.2 million taxpayers in all of 2012, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) said in a report.

“Identity theft is a growing epidemic,” said J. Russell George, TIGTA’s chief.

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