Employees are the biggest threat to network security

“The days when firewalls, data backup and antivirus programs provided sufficient protection are over” according to Corey Steele, network security engineer for local voice and data network solutions provider High Point Networks.

“A network that’s protected just by a firewall, antivirus and backups in this environment is really akin to taking a super carrier from our American Navy today and dropping it into World War II. It would be a similar battle. The threats are so sophisticated that you can’t just protect with those three controls anymore.”

Steele says the No. 1 threat to a company’s network security today is its employees. It’s been his experience that “breaking into a network is much more difficult that breaking into a person.”

“Trust is very deeply ingrained into our psyche. The easiest way for an attacker to get into a network is to break that trust,” he said.

He has found two scenarios particularly successful.

Learn about these two scenario’s, and get the rest of the article from by the Grand Forks Herald by clicking here.

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