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Can Jihadists Secure The Web For Al Qaeda?

The Global Islamic Media Front Technical Center is a group of mysterious programmers with links to Al Qaeda who claim to be trying to arm jihadists with digital weaponry. These high tech terrorists have released a series of plugins that purportedly encrypt instant messages to help mujahideen avoid surveillance while communicating online. However, it’s unclear if this Jihadi cryptography software is effective. In fact, experts said these programs may do would-be terrorists more harm than good by leaving behind traceable, digital breadcrumbs and even possibly exposing them to dangerous trojan horse downloads planted by law enforcement.

In February, the “Global Islamic Media Front Technical Center” released a program called “Asrar al-Dardashah,” or “Chat Secret.” It was billed as “the first Islamic program for encrypted instant messaging.”

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Mozilla Fights Against Spyware Company and its Exploits

Mozilla, maker of Firefox, the world’s most popular web browser, has a problem. Gamma International Ltd. is passing off a product that looks and acts like Firefox, but which is really a cleverly written spyware application. Gamma’s product, FinFisher, is capable of keylogging, recording Skype calls, and even converting webcams and cell phones into surveillance devices. The extent to how far such products have disseminated is unclear, but lately they’ve gone so far as to identifying their own processes as “Firefox.exe,” including a version number, and including trademark claims.

Such abusive exploitation of Firefox’s open source web browser has alarmed the company. “We are sending Gamma, The FinFisher parent company, a cease and desist letter demanding that these practices be stopped immediately,” said Mozilla executive Alex Fowler.

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